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Calculus develops and manufactures quality IoT software and hardware so that customers can track, monitor and operate their installations remotely in a user-friendly way. Innovation and inspiration are at the heart of our informal work culture.

Our Current Job Offers

Have an impact in your internship

Are you looking for an internship for your bachelor's or master's degree in technology or computer science?

An internship at Calculus means hands-on learning on real projects. This way, you not only build your CV, but also new skills by tackling projects in team.

If you are not afraid of a challenge and ready to get a real taste of a career in tech? Then we would love to help you make an impact.

Discover our informal culture of innovation and inspiration

Diversity & Inclusion

Celebrate diversity and encourage inclusion. Join a team that values diversity of thought, background and experience. Work in an inclusive environment where everyone is respected and valued. Be part of a corporate culture that embraces differences and encourages innovation.

A passion for Tech

Feed your passion for technology. Work with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions and continue to grow your skills. Be part of a dynamic and progressive company where your passion for technology can thrive.

Enthusiasm & Proactivity

Join a team that embraces enthusiasm and proactivity. Work in a supportive and dynamic environment where you can unleash your creativity, encourage change and make a real impact. Be part of a company culture that encourages growth and initiative.