Scissor lift and aerial platform monitoring

With Asset Monitoring & Asset Tracking you have the necessary measuring solutions, connectivity and dashboards to monitor and manage your scissor lifts remotely.

Get an overview of the battery status of your entire fleet at a glance.

Why digitise your scissor lifts and aerial platforms?

As a rental company, you lend out a charged scissor lift or boom lift and expect a fully charged unit in return. This way, the scissor lift can be neatly put ready for the next customer. Rental companies we help indicated that this does not always run smoothly. Every customer gets a charged machine but the customer doesn't always succeed in returning the charged machine. These rental companies only found this out when the device was made ready for the next customer who then had to wait. And the costs for recharging? That was for the rental company.

During quieter periods, scissor lifts can remain stationary for long periods. The result is an empty battery. Rental companies had no idea which scissor lift had to be recharged and which was ready for rental.

Today, these rental companies can see the battery status of their scissor lifts and boom lifts at a glance. If a customer brings back a device with a flat battery, the rental company can address the customer and possibly charge the costs. In this way, they avoid giving their next customer an uncharged machine.

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