Chiller heat pump monitoring

Calculus supplies the necessary measuring solutions, connectivity and dashboards to digitise your chillers and heat pumps remotely.

Discover the possibilities of making parameters visible and managing your fleet remotely.

Why digitise your chiller heat pumps?

In a world that is heating up, the importance of cooling is only increasing. Think of events and buildings, but also of process cooling in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and energy sectors. Machines located in dangerous (EX or ATEX) zones are not always easily accessible for a technician. Partly because of this, the need for remote control is also growing.

The need for good service technicians is not unknown to you as a rental company. Customers indicated that without an overview of all possible errors of a chiller, they were unable to efficiently manage these technicians. They did not know, for example, which unit had to be serviced, was in need of an urgent intervention or could simply move on to the next project. Today, these rental companies are able to troubleshoot remotely in order to deploy their technicians to maximum effect.

Local weather conditions have an impact on the consumption and operation of your chillers. The temperature range, in particular, is strongly influenced by these conditions. Our customers often had no insight into these local parameters and were therefore unable to act or adjust accordingly. Today, they have all this neatly under control in one and the same overview.

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  • Location
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  • Consumption
  • Load grade
  • Visibility of failure reports
  • VPN connection and remote troubleshooting

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