Battery Pack Monitoring

Calculus offers the possibility of monitoring your battery systems remotely. Stand-alone or in combination with other mobile installations.

Combine data and insights in one dashboard and get the most out of your hybrid systems.

Why digitise your battery packs?

Battery systems are a strong driver in our journey towards a more CO2 neutral environment and the transition towards more electrification and dynamic arrangements. These systems are often combined with other energy sources such as generators, wind and solar installations in so-called hybrid systems. The importance of closely monitoring the performance of these systems and their components is only increasing.

Rental companies who are customers today said they needed insight into the energy flows, charging cycles and health conditions of their hybrid systems. Previously, they had limited and scattered information. Today, they monitor their hybrid systems at a glance and know how to optimise their next project.

These rental companies also indicated that weather conditions have an impact on battery life. They were unable to effectively measure the impact of the weather. That's why we link local weather conditions data to their dashboard and help them better predict battery life.

Today, these customers even manage to charge their battery packs optimally via a free-standing generator or a generator from, for example, a light tower or other mobile installation nearby. And all of this controlled remotely, thanks to smart algorithms.

Questions about Battery Pack Monitoring?

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Discover two ways to monitor your battery packs remotely

  • Location
  • Basic parameters system
  • Location
  • Connection with existing Battery Management System (for example Victron, SMA, Stüder) - data from all AC and DC systems transparent (generator, fixed grid, solar panels, wind, etc.)
  • Control of external systems (pump, generator, ...)

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