Tank monitoring

Calculus provides you with the necessary measuring solutions, connectivity and dashboards to monitor your mobile liquid tanks remotely.

Make online monitoring of your mobile liquid tanks easy with a measuring system that is suitable for all brands of tanks and can be used universally for tanks of various sizes or storage volumes.

Why digitise your mobile liquid tanks?

As a rental company, you have a whole fleet of mobile liquid tanks, often from different manufacturers and with different storage volumes. You use these for all kinds of liquids, from fuels to adblue, hvo, gtl, water, ...

In order to have remote insight into the liquid's level fluid tank monitoring is a necessity. You are looking for a universal measuring solution that you can apply to all your liquid tanks. With the measuring system of Calculus you get insight into all tank levels on location. You can easily set limit values and you will be informed about filling operations, critical liquid levels or unexpected decreases in volumes.

The solutions we present here are completely stand-alone measurement solutions. For a large number of devices, we have measurement solutions in which you can also monitor the liquid tank as an option. It is up to you how you make the combination.

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