Water Monitoring and Gas Monitoring

Water and gas monitoring is essential for efficiently managing consumption and achieving sustainable goals.

By accurately understanding water and gas usage, building managers can reduce waste, cut costs and create safe, sustainable buildings.

Monitoring water and gas consumption: detecting leaks and improving efficiency.

Insight, Efficiency and Sustainability - the power of water and gas monitoring in buildings

Efficient water and gas monitoring is critical for building managers striving for sustainability, cost savings and safety. With advanced monitoring technologies, they can gain accurate insight into water and gas usage, detect potential waste and inefficiencies, and take proactive measures to reduce them. 

Through detailed measurements and reporting, building managers can not only implement cost-effective water conservation and energy optimization measures, but also ensure the safety of the building and its occupants by detecting gas leaks or other safety hazards early.​

These monitoring technologies enable building managers to identify trends and patterns in consumption, manage peak times and develop strategies to reduce consumption and lower operating costs.

 Efficient water and gas monitoring offers sustainable resource management, making buildings not only more environmentally friendly, but also contributing to a more sustainable future. With insight, savings and improved safety, water and gas monitoring provides a valuable solution for building managers striving for efficiency and sustainability.​

Questions about Water and Gas Monitoring?

Collaboration with study and engineering firms

Calculus helps study and engineering firms with measurement solutions, connectivity and dashboards to enable water and gas monitoring and ESG reporting.​

Discover the power of partnership with Calculus - your strategic partner for engineering and sustainability firms. Together, we can take your organization to the next level in ESG reporting, sustainability analysis and carbon reduction plans.

Benefit from our expertise in water and gas monitoring and leak detection, coupled with a wide range of data sources. With our advanced platform, we offer you the ability to manage and analyze all of your customers' data in one place. From this centralized platform, you can share dashboards, insights, reports and notifications, giving your customers full insight into their energy performance.

Ready to take the next step in sustainability and energy management? Contact us today and find out how we can support your organization in achieving your sustainability goals and providing valuable services to your customers. Together, we can create a positive impact on the future of our planet.

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Compare and combine different water monitoring and gas monitoring options​

  • Calculus C07
  • Reads the P1 port of your smart meter and via this way also your gas meter
    • Real Time Monitoring
  • Atex certified
  • Pulsecounter for Gas
    • Via Private LoRa connected to Calculus C07
      • Monitoring in Intervals
      • Pulsecounter for Water
      • Read out REED contact or water meter
    • Via Private LoRa connected to Calculus C07
      • Monitoring in Intervals
    • Pulsecounter for Water
  • Via Private LoRa connected to Calculus C07
  • Monitoring in Intervals

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