CO2 Monitoring made simple

Measure your indoor climate in just a few steps :

  1. Place the sensors in the rooms of your choice.
  2. Provide a standard power supply for the case
  3. From now on, the measured values of the sensors are visualised.

The mobile case contains:

A sturdy mobile case with customised interior

Calculus Gateway

Our state-of-the-art module C07 with 4G modem.

Private LoRa

The module connects to the sensors by setting up a private LoRa network. Your WIFI remains untouched.

10 CO2 sensors

10 CO2 sensors, fully calibrated and supplied with 2 lithium batteries.

Your indoor climate available immediately online:

Check your climate online or via APP.

Monitor every room

Monitor your building as a whole via an overview page.

Share information

Easily share all information with third parties via QR or URL.

Setting limits and alarms

A discrete message allows you to intervene before the values are exceeded.


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